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  1. Themes

    Change the colours and style of your Adapt calendar!

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  2. Commitments

    Add recurring commitments to your calendar.

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  3. School Tests

    Add & prepare for specific tests within the school year!

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  4. Custom Topics

    Add your own subjects and topics to your plan!

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  5. Power Settings

    Added control over your Recommended tasks!

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  6. Opportunities

    Find relevant Universities & Companies to apply to!

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  1. Adapt for Web

    Access and manage your timetable from your computer!

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  2. Test results

    Add in what you got in the end of topic tests to see how well you understand each topic!

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  3. Be able to add inset days (and bank holidays)

    Select which days are inset days so timetables are not shown. Also include bank holidays automatically as well.

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  4. Time Management

    Allocate the amount of time you would like to be revising in a day so that the timetable can allocate a certain amount of time per revision topic!

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  5. Social Studying

    Chat with other students revising the same topic as you in-app!

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  6. Add a Mock Exam Countdown

    This would be the same as the exam countdown but would have a date for your mock!

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  7. Certain subjects on certain days

    Ability to choose which subjects you want to study on which days

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  8. Days homework is due to be highlighted

    To have the days in which you have homework due in to be highlighted in the same way as the days you have exams!

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  9. Daily view rather than monthly

    Add different ways of viewing the timetable, for example, what is coming up in the next few days rather than just monthly!

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  10. Exam Information

    Have the official names/times of your exams when you tap on them!

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  11. Personalised revision

    To add your own revision topics on specific days instead of them being input for you!

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  12. Daily recap

    A feature where you can say what topics you did in each class that day to recap what you have learnt so far!

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  13. Add End Of Unit Tests

    Add any upcoming at school on the timetable and have a criteria to meet before the test deadline!

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  14. Switching To-Do lists

    To be able to move something from a to do list to another if you didn’t complete it on that day!

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  15. After school activities

    Add in after school activities or study classes to your timetable!

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  16. Choose the year of exams

    Choose the year you're sitting the exams!

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  17. Apple Watch App

    View your tasks on your Apple Watch!

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  18. University group chat

    Maybe have a group chat with people from the uni/college that you’d like to go to.

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  19. Import timetable

    My school has a service where your google calendar has your school timetable in it, this could be imported into adapt

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  20. Multiple exams on one subject

    Be able to add more than one exam under a subject!

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  21. Scrolling up to see other months

    To be able to scroll up to see the previous months revision!

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  22. Adding the IB curriculum

    Adding the IB courses to the app!

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Work in progress

What we’re currently working on with an estimated release date.

  1. Events

    Add calendar events to your Adapt calendar.

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  2. Mock exams and tests

    Add all types of exams to the timetable.

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  3. Android Version

    Adapt for Android will be here soon!

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The latest things we’ve built and launched in updates.

  1. School Timetable

    Input your school timetable to your Adapt calendar.

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  2. Homework

    Add homework, attach it to a subject and set a due date!

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  3. Progress

    View all the topics you've done and have left at a snapshot.

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