Need support? You’re in the right place!

We're currently testing a private Beta version (a simple version that has the calendar, to do list, and updating functionality)! We're sending out thousands of invites to that each week, in the order that students have signed up to the waitlist. The full version will be released in January! 😊
What is Adapt?
Adapt is a free revision timetable app coming out this year. As a student, all you have to do is tell us your subjects, exam boards, and pre-existing commitments, and Adapt will create a perfect revision timetable for you!

We have teacher-written topic lists that cover your entire syllabus, and we know all your exam dates. Beyond that, Adapt updates automatically- if you miss a topic, it simply reschedules it for another day, so you get everything done by exam day without any guilt, stress, or countless hours of planning!
Is Adapt really free?
Yes! Adapt is completely free to use for students. We feel strongly that educational resources should be free to use and widely available.
Is it possible to use Adapt with my teachers?
We're working on an Adapt for Schools product which will enable you to work more closely with your teachers and get support on areas of your plan!
Can I use Adapt if I’m not from the UK?
Yes! Right now we already have the topics for all of the iGCSE exams and we're working on the IB exams.

We're currently building Custom Topics which would enable you to add your own topics and use Adapt for anything.

We also have plans, in the next year or two, to accommodate more international exams outside of iGCSE & IB.