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Web version or a downloadable programme on desktop

Doesn't allow us to be distracted to see social media or messages before I go onto adapt!



Adapt Team

Good idea! This would be a big undertaking for us, but if we get enough requests we'll seriously consider it.



Please give the option to recommend and allocate tasks randomly or in the order the specification delivers the subject. Thank you.



Adapt Team

Great idea! This would be really nice to have in Settings- I'll pass it along to the team.


Dark Mode

Can we get a dark mode option


Web version!

This would honestly make such a difference to my work to have it on my computer - absolutely love what you’re doing 😊



Adapt Team


It is something we would love to do in the next academic year but it won't be function this academic year!


Amount of subjects in one day

It may be helpful to be able to tell the app how many subjects you would like to study in a day as it seems to be putting a lot over one day



Adapt Team


The number of topics you see each day is determined by our algorithm, which plans the number of topics you need to cover each day in order to cover everything by exam date (or your plan end date, if you've changed it). You can see your daily breakdown in the Progress section.

If you feel like you're getting too many topics to cover each day, you could consider adding additional days you want to revise to your week, or going through the topics list in the Subjects section and marking your confidence for some as "very confident" so our algorithm knows you don't need to cover them. This should reduce the amount of topics you are getting over the day.

I hope this helps!



Where you can add homework or tasks, put an option to add tests as well please.



Adapt Team

Adding tests is coming very soon! It's the next thing William (our engineer) will be building.


Links to useful revision websites

I think it would be very beneficial if when you press a revision session, there are links related to that topic/subject.



Adapt Team


We would love to have partnerships with revision websites, and this depends on the size of our user database, but it is definitely something we are looking to have in the future!


Day streak

Having a notification to remind people to do their homework and revision so they don’t forget to do a little bit of daily revision.



Adapt Team


Currently you can manually set notifications for anything you have added to your plan (ie. to remind you to complete a piece of homework that is due the next day that you added to your timetable). But in terms of general notifications, that isn't yet a feature. I hope this helps!


IGCSE Cambridge

Can you please add the IGCSE Cambridge exams. I am doing Computer Science and Economics with this exam board and I cannot find them.


Adding topics to revision

Using the time table feature ask what topics you covered in each lesson in that day adding them to the topics that you have covered.


Slide to next day

Rather then tapping one day then tapping out we can slide to the next day just to save time


Run adapt online or on windows

I really like adapt but I don't actually own a smart phone- I've set up an account on a family member's iPod touch. It would be great if we could use adapt on a computer with a web app or something on the windows store.


Connect to homework app

It would be really good if the app connected to firefly or show my homework. Then your homework could be automatically put into the app.


A Pomodoro Timer?

This could be used to help us with our time by dividing tasks, projects, homework and revision into small, manageable 25 minute chunks, with short breaks in between. I hope this isnt too undertaking, but any sort of focus timer would be so useful in this app. Thank you!


International baccalaureate :)

5,175 schools worldwide offer the IB diploma, 112 of which are in the UK. The IB is a program which attracts hardworking students who (I can tell you from personal experience!) would benefit greatly from the help of adapt. (FYI, the IB is an international A-levels alternative for which you study six subjects across two years)



Adapt Team

Yes, we're working on adding IB next! We've been adding boards in the order of popularity in the UK, and IB is the next one on that list.

I also did IB so I know how difficult it is. I hope we can support your subjects soon, and good luck with your revision in the meantime! 😊


iPad support

Currently the Adapt app on iPad will open vertically in a phone shaped size. It would be great for it to open fully on the iPad as utilise the full screen.


Test Scores

Making it so we can add our test scores and it shows us what subjects we need to focus on dependent on our performance, and so maybe it suggests some subjects more than others.
To add- also a way to input performance on certain topics on the test too - like if we did great on one topic but desperately need revision on another that came up, if this does become a feature. πŸ₯°


find your friends

an option to type in a friends number code (given by the app) to be able to track their revision and calendar and to be able to study the same subjects together


Putting a start date to revise

Putting a start date to revise as we may not want to start revising the next week


Number of times you revise each topic

Please can you add an option to select how many times you can revise each topic of a subject.


A Widget for our Homescreens?

I was just wondering if a widget/widgets could be incorporated into the app, so that we can quickly and easily access useful information for the day. E.g: the classes we have that day/upcoming tests/upcoming tasks/the next topics we need to revise etc. I hope this isn't to undertaking or difficult to implement but I think it would be a very useful feature. Thanks so much :)


Confidence Rating

it’s a really small thing, but i think it may be good to be able to remove confidence ratings. if i accidentally put a rating on the wrong topic or choose the wrong face then i’m can’t undo it, which messes up how many things i’ve completed and makes it difficult for me to see exactly how well i’m doing.



Adapt Team


At the moment you are able to edit and override a confidence rating by going into that specific topic and holding down on that confidence rating but as of yet you cannot delete a confidence rating. But we will look into that as a future feature!


Show My Homework

I'm not sure if this is too tall a task but it'd be super cool if we could sync show my homework accounts to the app so our homework would show up there. Or if we could sync it to actually calendar apps!


Google Classroom Integration

Being able to import homework and other information from Google Classroom would be nice to have.


Time Management

Introduce a live exam countdown


BTEC Grading

the btec grades range from pass to distinction*, not just distinction. the words also don’t fit well into the boxes assigned for the grades, so maybe it would be better to use letters instead (P, M, D, D*), as they are commonly written this way.



Adapt Team

Thank you for letting us know! Your suggestion is brilliant- we'll change the grading system to P, M, D, D* ASAP!


Same day task choosing

So far I can’t find a way of picking recommended tasks on the same day as it is currently and instead have to go through all of the tasks to find something suitable. Please make it so that we can choose tasks the same day as doing them from recommendied. Thanks in advance


Prioritise Topics

If I haven’t covered the topic yet I remove it from my plan but then it gives me more time to do the topics I have done which isn’t realistic. E.g if I had a year to do 4 topics (unrealistic example I know!) but I hadn’t learn one yet the algorithm thinks I have a year to do 3 topics. So then I am doing them at a rate of 1topic/4months but then say after 4months I have learnt the last topic so then it is 3 per 8months which is a faster rate so there is less time per topic. I hope I have tried to make this clearer. Maybe to fix this have an option to prioritise topics so the algorithm works but won’t assign things you haven’t learnt. Sorry for the confusing explanation and thank you!!


Revision load daily

it would be so much better if you could choose in the availability section to revise more on one day than another. So you still do revision on that day, ( for example weekdays ) but you do more revision on the days of the persons choosing ( for me - I would do more revision on a weekend ) . Instead of no revision weekdays, it could be less revision weekdays, as personally I seem to get a lot of revision Monday and Thursday, and little on a weekend, I would rather it be the other way around.



Add an option to enter activities you do so you can work around them


Being able to add own GCSE exam dates

I have a few exams for subjects in may but it isn't scheduled on my calendar for example my Unit 1 exam in digital technology. It would be nice to be able to add custom exam dates that display like the currently projected exams for 2021.


AQA A Level Doesn’t have enough sub topics

Hi, at the moment the topics for a level history (AQA) aren’t split up small enough at all, For example, revising the whole of Henry VII in one revision session is impossible. It would be much more useful if each subtopic at the moment was split up into 4 or 5 more subtopics so they can be revised in the amount of time suggested, The large nature of the subtopics also means taht I barely get history coming up on the timetable which isn’t useful!


Long Term Tasks

Would be kewl if we can make tasks that run into following days if we don't check it off or complete it the previous day, without necessarily having to make a homework or something.


Task Colours

At the moment, when you add a task it is displayed as blank on the calendar. I was thinking it would look good to change the colour of our tasks, maybe assign them to a subject and then it would change that colour? And for tasks not related to a subject, have a colour for them or be able to choose one?


Desktop App

Is there a desktop app that I can download that syncs with the timetable on my phone? If not, can one be made? :D


Import adapt to Calendar

It would be great if we could get an .ical file or something to let us put adapt's calendar onto our gmail calendars or other providers- this would allow them to be used on a computer too.


By yourself

Is it possible that we can add our own subjects and that I can plan by my self?
I don’t like all the dots, because it looks like I need to do a lot of things everyday. And because I am from the Netherlands, I can’t choose subjects, so I can’t plan my tests..


Homework Tracker

Homework Tracker where you can log the day it’s set, the day you’ll do it and the day you need to hand it in. You can also collect rewards the more homework you do or the more efficiently you complete it. Will recommend the app to school!


Edit and move tasks around

The ability to edit tasks we have set instead of having to delete it and rewrite. And the ability to move tasks from day to day if we don’t complete it that day or something comes up that we cannot complete it and need to reschedule it in for another day. This would be very helpful!


Revision Websites

I study WJEC GCSE English language and the topics listed on adapt don't seem to correspond with BBC Bitesize (which is what I use for revision) so maybe it would be worthwhile to introduce a feature with recommended revision sites


Bigger timetable

My school uses a three-week timetable, but I can only select either weekly or fortnightly timetables.


OCR Computing

Please can the J276 OCR GCSE course be added please



Adapt Team


I assume you are referring to the OCR GCSE computing science course, that is already on the app and you can add it in the subject section. I hope that helps!


Test adapts timetable

If we have tests the app should change revision subject recommendations best suited for acing the test



Hi I know you guys already able to put a timetable on the app but it takes a very long time to do it but there be any other way that he will be able to do it quicker so people don’t spend like an hour and a 2:30 hours tops trying to put a timetable onto the app


Save timetable

So each time I have to go afk the timetable disappears. This is really frustrating as I have a two week timetable so I have to fill out each lesson one by one.



an option to have a notification is sent to your phone regarding what task/homework you should be doing based on the time that you have previously set it to be done


Add Product Design Gcse

I tried to add my gcse subject product design aqa but it was only available for a levels


AQA English literature THE KITE RUNNER

In a level English literature aqa there is also a module that studies THE KITE RUNNER please can you add that?

Spaced repetition function

In an enrichment day session, we were told that spaced repetition is a perfect way to consolidate knowledge from revision, and so maybe if Adapt could add this function as a review function based on the same system that memrise uses?? so that revision is effective when using the app. and please make this function free.


Multiple Confidence Ratings

Having to rate a topic confidently multiple times before it is cleared or having to do small quick revision sessions afterwards - maybe a quick mini quiz. After you have revised something you need to do it more than once to remember it so maybe add mini ratings.



Adapt Team


At the moment that is not a feature but we will be continually working on this and hopefully this will be a feature we can add into our settings!

This would involve a setting where you would be able to customise how many times you could mark something with a confident rating before it is marked as completed.


Making tests/exams more obvious

it would be great if it was a little more obvious what days I have a test for, currently it is merged together with your daily tasks and it'd be useful if the days were marked in a different colour or in a box or something like that :)


Further Maths GCSE grade system

At the moment the Further Maths GCSE grade system is 9-1. It actually gives a grade from A-E with no A*s. It would be great if this could be changed, but otherwise its fine to use the numbers.


Break the topic downs futher.

For the A-level history, the topics are structured in terms of chapter 1, 2, 3 etc, but it would be impossible to go through one chapter in one day, so it would be great if each chapter was broken down into further subtopics, making it more manageable.


Customising tasks further.

It would be amazing if you could colour tasks (currently they're all black). It would be a simple but really nice addition to the app.
It would also be really nice if you could move, copy and paste tasks too. It would make editing and adjusting the calendar much easier.
Thank you!


Tom Miller

Please can you make it clear that the Eduqas Geography on your system isn't the one studied by English schools


For GCSE English Language WJEC the list of topics don't appear to match the topics on revision sites I use like BBC Bitesize so maybe introducing a feature recommending revision sites would be worthwhile


Time taken to do something

When you've completed homework, revision or a task, you put in how long it took you to do it or how long you spent on it. On your completed tasks list, it can show how long it took you to do it so you can track how long you've been doing work !


New subjects

Add new subjects like Mathematics (0580), Accounting0480


A level Geography OCR -spec

Thanks for this app, its very useful.
Ive noticed that the OCR A level geography 'category' only has ~4 sections per topic, being a lot less in depth than other subjects. Is there anyway of adding to it/ changing it. I am happy to adjust it to include all points from the spec if there was a way for me to do so.

Thanks a lot.



I think it would be much better if you could add tasks (the black ones that you write out yourself) and attach them to subjects, so your adapt planner can display what exactly you'll be doing. I've found issues with not being able to do this and I'm sure others would find it just as useful as I would.
Thanks xx


different amount per day

please could you make it possible to set a different number of topics for each day. so on Monday the number of topics the algorithm suggests you do is different to on Sunday for example


One subject per day

It'd be really nice, instead of having multiple subjects suggested for one day , to have one subject and multiple topics to be reccomended within that subject :)



The revision topics for a level aqa history are far too big to revise! I each topic at the moment would take about 3/4 revision sessions to cover! Please break them up into the sections on the specification!!



Hi, for the OCR GCSE Drama subjects (I don’t know about the other Drama courses) there isn’t anything about a set text you have to read/revise for the written exam. I think there are a few plays that you can do so having these specific subjects or just having a basic plan that would fit any play would be really useful. (E.g. Characters, Plot, Author’s Intention, Major themes etc.) Thank you!



On the iPhone if you go to your notification centre and then swipe right you can see all your widgets. I have widgets for my normal calendar and it’s really useful to be able to see what I need to do next/ what I have coming up next without unlocking my phone.


Make Topic Repetition Visible

I’m in the middle of year 10, so I don’t want to revise a topic, mark it as β€˜done’, and then forget about it by the exams. I’d find it really useful if each topic had a number next to it, reflecting how many times Adapt will suggest it to me before the end of my GCSEs - this could change depending on the β€˜revision’ settings, such as how many days a week I want to revise. It would allow me to sensibly plan how much I want to revise each day :)


Adapt on iPad

Not a requirement but a suggestion that the app could be used on an iPad as currently you have to extend it etc and it’s not very practical. I’m just thinking for some who have all their work on a tablet etc and like to plan from that and keep it all on one device. If not possible then maybe a desktop version which has already been suggested.


Cambridge IGCSE subjects

Can you please add Cambridge IGCSE subjects like Mathematics 0580 ,Accounting 0452


Google Integration

Linking homework tasks with google classroom posts or allowing students to link information/notes they already have to the relevant subject/topic so they can easily keep track in the app


Daily Breakdown

Bringing back the Daily Breakdown
This personally is my favourite feature because it lets me know how many topics a day I need to do to reach my exam due date.


algorithm of daily tasks

the daily tasks are great and being able to change how many you do is good but I wish I could change the date due for the end of the topic tasks to be finished by a certain date because having to finish the last daily tasks one night before the exam is not ideal. so maybe could you add a feature where you can choose a date to finish all topic by. instead of it automatically finishing one day before the exam. would make it easier.


Change colours

Being able to change subject colours. I have my own colours for my subjects and it’s kinda annoying to not have it match.


Regarding revision

It would be cool if this app provided text book information from the subjects, to be able to revise .


Importing calendars

Being able to import your school calendars into the app would be amazing. I found putting in every subject super time consuming and I had to change the times a lot because the algorithm couldn’t interpret the 5 min lesson changeover times my school has.


FSMQ - Additional Maths OCR

Hi, if there’s any way you could add FSMQ (Level 3 qualification) additional maths, exam board OCR, to your list of subjects, that would be brilliant. Thank you in advance.


More subject options

I hope that not only can I add the few subjects are listed in β€˜search’ but also the various and uncommon subjects I take in university. This way I can better refer to them in my planner. Thank you.


Advice or Tips

Daily motivational or study related quite and top to try


More subjects

I am studying A Level Art next year under the exam board Edexcel but there is no option for me to select this. It would be great to add more subjects so I can choose the correct exam boards for my subjects :)


Podomoro Technique Time

We can set ourselves timers and set times to do the work in each of the tasks in the calendar



It would be good if we could add more than one test per subject, for example when we get topic tests from 2 different biology teachers it would be good if we could add both and select which topic it will be on


A landscape version

It would be more convenient if there could be a landscape version as we rotate our devices, especially for iPad users who usually attach the iPad to a keyboard in the landscape orientation.


Edexcel Exams

Please put the exams like edexcel algebra etc. They can be taken at any point but are hard I took level 2 in year 9 and had huge issues covering the topics but adapt would really help.


Daily Breakdown

Bringing back the daily breakdown. This option took a lot of stress out from creating a timetable because it told you how many topics you had to do in order to meet the deadline. Eg. Economics 3 topics a day, Chemistry 1 topic a fortnight.
This feature told us how much time roughly we should spend on each topic it prevented us from over doing one subject and it also acted as a motivator.


iOS 14 Widget

Please add an iOS 14 widget that goes on the home screen. It would be great because you could see your timetable at a glance which is good because I only have little time between lessons to check my timetable so having it there on the home screen would be very useful. There could also be another widget for tasks and revision.


Link Homework to Topics

Allow students to link homeworks to topics in their subjects so when they revise they can have a record of work they have done for each topic



Hi there.
It would be really useful if you could add the IB curriculum! I loved using Adapt for my GCSEs and would really like to use it for my Diploma programme too. Please if you could add this before this september (2020) so that prospective IB students can start getting an idea of what they'll be doing!


Exam boards

Add in more WJEC subjects to improve on exam dates and subject modules to revise!


Charge small fee

By charging a small initial download fee on the app store you'd be able to invest a lot more in it. This is such an incredible app that I was so surprised it was free after I began using it - I just wanted to donate money of some sort to say thank you. It's completely worth paying for.


Import homework

We have an online VLE that teachers set homework on, is it possible to import homework set there onto adapt? The VLE is called insight.



Allow us to add our friends in the app (similarly to how you add a friend on social media) and have a friends list where we can see our friends progress. You would be able to see their details (which are already in the app in the profile section) but of course there would be privacy options so you don’t have to share all your grades etc. You can share what you are studying on which days and if there was a school test coming up you can share the details and add someone else’s test to your planner with one click.



You should be able to input what times you have to revise and maybe be able to tell it I can't revise on this particular day so it re-schedules.


Advanced Higher English

I haven’t noticed advanced higher English as a subject you can choose


Link Homework to Topics

Allow students to link homeworks to topics in their subjects so when they revise they can have a record of work they have done for each topic



Please add a level economics B for edexcel